Why is Jhumon in jail while his attackers remain free?

Yesterday, prominent citizens demanded the immediate release of Jhumon das Apon. He was in prison for more than five months following being accused in a Digital Security Act case over his criticisms of Mamunul Haque, Hefajat-e-Islam leader, on Facebook in March.

They pointed out that there is no rational explanation as to why he was denied bail seven different times during a protest at Shahbagh, the capital's Shahbagh.

They also repeated the question Jhumon asked his wife two days ago, namely "What was Jhumon’s crime?"

A citizen's platform organized the event, "Shahbagh against oppression".

Sultana Kamal, rights activist, expressed solidarity by phone and said that "Those in power always talk about the spirit of Liberation War." Jhumon Das was attacked by his community, but he and others were not brought to trial. Instead, Jhumon was detained and denied bail seven more times.

She said that his religious identity should not hinder him from obtaining justice in an independent Bangladesh. This country was founded on secular values.

"A High Court judge stated that, regarding the issue of Pori Moni being denied bail three times, it shouldn't be allowed in civilized states. I would like to echo his question: Can something like this occur in a civilized state?

Jhumon's post about Mamunul Haque, Hefajat leader, allegedly caused the chaos in Noagaon village Shalla upazila's Shalla on March 17, when approximately 90 Hindu homes were vandalized and looted.

Sweety Rani Das, his wife, was there yesterday with her son. She said that she was also hurt when the attackers brutally attacked her husband. How much longer will I have to wander the streets in search of justice?

She said that Jhumon was the only one who earns in her family. Despite being sick and helpless, it is clear that the criminals who vandalized, looted, and attacked our village are still fearless.

She also mentioned that she was having a difficult time with her son and sought out the attention of the prime minister in this regard.

Prof Robaet Ferdous, Dhaka University, said that "When the constitution has state religion, it is easy to understand why citizens such as Jhumon Das don’t get justice."

The event featured speakers who urged the government not to repeal the controversial Digital Security Act.

Khairul Chowdhury from DU, Sumana Gupta from Jahangirnagar University, Khan Asaduzzaman Masum of Bangladesh Jubo Union, and one of Gonojagaron Mancha Jibanananda Jayanta's organisers spoke at the event.

Robin Ahsan, Publisher, was the one who conducted the program.

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